It’s always awesome to see the up-and-comers killing it. We had the pleasure of meeting the young and talented, Julia Marino. At only 16 years old she is shredding crazy hard, nailing tricks and doing flips. Now apart of the US Rookie Snowboard Team, Julia is participating in various contests and tearing it up. Being from Westport, Connecticut, she represents a the list of snowboard chicks that come from, and make up, the best of the “Ice Coast.” Marino started snowboarding just four years ago, and clearly fell in love and found her strength. Not only was she pushing herself but she has an incredible support system – her father who lives and travels with Marino as she trains throughout Colorado and Utah. Currently sponsored by Bern, Marino hopes to soon be a part of the Burton Regional Team and has greater sights on joining the Pro US Team. But for now Julia is focusing on school and training, looking forward to being in more competitions, allowing for progression, and most importantly having fun.