Chamrousse Early 2016

These guys had sunny days and no agenda when they took over Sunset Park at Chamrousse. Keeping things entertaining, this crew of French snowboard icons filmed some relaxed and yet inventive runs through the playful terrain parks. Knee glides, high-5's, and boot slides are just a small part of the excitement coming out of France in early 2016. It’s hard to say which more fun to watch, the tricks they do with snowboards or the tricks they do without. Check out Louis Labertrande, Francois Ohl, Thomas Delfino, Victor Daviet, Lionel Simon, Tristan Hamel, Theo Duparc, Nathan Benichou, Benoit Thomas-Javid, Bastien Sturma, Pierrot Scafidi in Chamrousse Early 2016

Chamrousse Early 2016 | TWSNOW