Have you ever been on a chairlift in the wind and wondered what it would look like if the mount holding your chair to the left cable suddenly came loose and you and your crew plummeted to the icy ground below? Well wonder no more, because here’s a video of just that happening. Watch as Mati Bottaro and his friends catch one too many gnarly gusts of wind on a poorly serviced chair at Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia Resort in Argentina, and fall down to the slope right next to a lift tower.
It seems Mati and his bud’s hadn’t planned on sharing the terrifying video, which is over a year old, until they heard of a similar incident happening very recently. They were going to keep it quiet if the resort cleaned it’s act up and made sure this type of shady incident didn’t happen twice, but alas it did and now the video is going viral. Would you ride at Catedral Alta Patagonia after seeing this clip?
Here’s the translation from Mati’s Facebook post.
Today exactly a year ago, Jim and Joseph and I had an accident on a chairlift at Cerro Catedral. Our intention was always not show this video, since we didn’t want to be exposed.
The truth is that at that time, company staff that has high Patagonia Hill Award, and even the owner, approached us and after seeing the video promised not to operate the lifts so that they do not have the necessary modifications so that this does not happen again.
The problem is that this did not happen and that is the real reason for the complaint, today completed a year continues to operate in the same way, last week, there was another accident.
It is a pity that a So beautiful city as Bariloche becomes overshadowed by something like this.
For myself and on behalf of my cousin Jimena Verdu and Jose Naife, we’re going to stay calm, because our sole condition was that this would not occur, and see that he is repeated.
And you where you going to vacation?…
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