Catching up with Brett Moody

Nineteen-year-old Brett Moody hails from Anchorage, Alaska, and has been making waves in the contest scene for the past three seasons. During the 2014-2015 year, he tried to compete in every event he could, and even scooped up first place in Big Air at the U.S. Rev Tour in Mammoth. He just released his season edit which is a savory mix of contest highlights and park shredding in locations around the globe including; Colorado, France, the Czech Republic, Mammoth, Mt. Hood, and Austria.

Check out his season edit above and read on for a Q&A with Moody.

What do you call your home mountain?

I grew up at Hilltop, which is the local hill near Anchorage with a couple runs, but Alyeska was an hour away from home so we went there on weekends.

What was a highlight from your 2014-2015 season?

The big air in Istanbul, Turkey was probably the highlight of the season just because the set-up there was so crazy. Snowboarding in 70 degree weather in a soccer stadium in Istanbul was pretty different.

What was the best trick you stomped this year?

I was pretty happy to land a front 14 with the Stale Maskey grab.

Worst bail?

I’d say the time I chipped my tailbone on a ski left behind by a skier on a landing. I hooked my edge and my butt lined up perfectly with the ski.

IMG_5940 (2)

Sending it at Hood this summer. Photo: Dave Reynolds

What contests did you compete in and which one did you do best in?

I did more than anyone should in one season. All the Grand Prix’s, World Championships, and I also did a month in Europe and did four different International contests. The contest I did best in was the big air at the Mammoth Rev Tour, which I was lucky enough to win.

What do you think of big air being in the Olympics? Any interest in trying to go to that?

Yeah, big air is my favorite category personally, but I think It should be about how the trick is done, opposed to how fast you’re spinning.

Quad-corks, would you ever want to try one?

I’ll never want to do one, but if it becomes a mainstream thing in contest, then I’ll probably have to try one eventually.

What is your biggest fear?

Definitely the dentist.

One snowboarder you've always looked up to?

It’s hard to name one, but Mikkel Bang has always been a big influence.

Plans for next season?

I want to film way more street footage, but I’ll definitely be doing more contests, having fun and sending it!

Check out Brett above and watch more snowboard videos here!


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