Car Danchi 9 – “Drives” Teaser

Car Danchi 9 – “Drives” Teaser

Car Danchi is a home on wheels, allowing you to sleep anywhere and seek out snow at the drop of a hat. Van life is nothing new, and the Car Danchi crew has been on that tip for a while, now bringing us Car Danchi 9 – “Drives.” Follow the nomadic Car Danchi riders as they take nine separate trips through Japan, each unique in their own way. From getting barreled in the deepest snow of Niseko, to riding handmade Japanese boards, and a classic trip down to the Shiretoko Peninsula, there’s sure to be something in this video for everyone.

From the crew:

The infamous Car Danchi crew has returned for 9 Drives around the winter wonderland of Japan. Included are adventures from the bottomless powder of Hokkaido's Niseko in "Avalanche Control" to the mysterious snow monster riding of Aomori's Hakkoda in "Handmade Trip."  It shares the fun riding "Hakuba Style" to the next generation’s powder riding in "Powder Kids." You will love the wild and free adventures of Orange Man and Shark Boy in "Orange Trip," where the nomadic Danchi riders are always in the right place at the right time.  Japan's handmade board culture is explored in "Yukimaker," and the  "World Heritage" trip to Shiretoko Peninsula is nothing but classic Danchi winter lifestyle.  Car Danchi, the snow movie that inspires and entertains, extends the lease on the dream of an endless winter with 9 Drives.

Car Danchi 9 Drives Teaser

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