CAPiTA Snowboards presents ‘The Mothership’

Since its beginnings 15 years ago, CAPiTA has been a hotbed of creative, passionate, snowboarders. I clearly remember their crew's energy at the early TransWorld Team Challenge events in the early 2000s, where twenty of the biggest snowboarding brands would compete, and CAPiTA was always the crew to watch. They were on a shoestring budget compared to the bigger brands of the time, but their riders oozed creativity and passion and were often the standouts of the event. Those same traits can still be felt today throughout the brand and its team.


In November I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the new CAPiTA factory named “The Mothership” deep in the mountains of Austria. This small village, Feistritz a.d. Gail, in the Carinthia State in the Southern Alps of Austria, has a rich tradition of building technical wooden and machined parts long before snowboarding came around. For generations the local families of these Austrian mountain villages have been known for their hand crafted skills, building to the highest quality. Originally bending wood for wagon wheels, then creating some of the finest skis in the world, then opening the legendary ‘Elan’ factory where many of the best skis and snowboards were made for years. After the Elan factory closed it’s doors in 2013, CAPiTA and the C3 group behind it started making big moves to acquire the bankrupt factory and its machinery. Their plan was to take some of the proprietary equipment along with new custom machinery to make the most state-of-the-art-factory the snowboarding world has ever seen. The new factory is 1/3 the size of the original Elan factory, yet 30% more efficient, as it’s a purpose-built snowboard factory.

Blue Montgomery, CAPiTA founder: "Since the beginning, we've had big dreams for CAPiTA. We've always wanted to create something special in snowboarding and we've always wanted to make the best boards in the world. Now with The Mothership, we're entering a very exciting time with a lot of positive energy and the feeling that everything is possible.”


The Mothership is 100% Hydropowered facility, sourced directly from the local river Gail. Zero CO2 Emissions, Zero Carbon Footprint.

Brandon Cocard, CAPiTA team rider: “The Mothership blew my mind. Everything about it seemed futuristic. From the aesthetic of the building to the flow of the production, no other snowboard company is on that level. The factory is powered by a river that is fed by the glacier. The same glacier they test the boards on. The river runs through The Mothership and and creates the energy to make the boards. It’s a beautiful cycle.”

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