Lapping through the Whistler public park at the Blackcomb Glacier, Lucio DM, Bryan Bowler, Mark Goodall, Brin James Alexander, Quin Ellul, Raph Louis, Colton Conway, Daniel Glibota, Etienne Duval Phaneuf, and Benson Frapiccini have brought back their Camp Backflip edits to the delight of the snowboarding world. Summer snowboarding has officially hit full swing.

After hearing of the closing of Camp of Champions earlier this month, we are stoked to see this unsanctioned association holding court and ripping what is available on the glacier. Filmed and edited by Gabriel Ostapchuk,

Once again, this is not a real camp, but if you are thinking of still attending, the riders and filmers outlined the essentials for sign ups on their video page.

“Here’s what you need to sign up: One, a snowboard. Two, a sight-seeing lift ticket. Three, beverages… many. And four, your freshest greenery. See you there next week!”

Be on the lookout for more unsanctioned sessions dropping this summer.

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