Cam Pierce : Full Part 2014

Cam Pierce is not your average snowboard story. Born and raised in  North Carolina with an interest in rap and music making Cam made his way onto the all-star team of Forum Snowboards/ The Project and filmed with them for a number of years. When Forum was cut by Burton, it left all the riders looking for a new path. Some fell off while others prospered with Cam falling into the latter category by finding a new board sponsors with Endeavor and a new outwear sponsor with 686. Thanks to the help by 686 Cam filmed a full part this past season and traveled to locations all over North America. Once all the clips were in they were edited together by Ian Post into this final project. So take a few minutes to check out his full part and exclusive interview below.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Calm, cool, and collected even when playing in traffic. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Interview by Ben Birk.

How did a boy from North Carolina make his way into the big leagues of snowboarding?

I guess I just grew up riding the resorts out there and knew I loved snowboarding and wanted to do it for a living. So, I moved to SLC and started filming and getting my footage out for people to see. Now in here.

What was it like filming in Minnesota this past season?

Mostly cold and windy, but it was awesome. There’s so much to film there. We were even setting up spots that were across the street from each other haha.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Backside 50-50 pop over to frontside lipslide while Gooner cheers in the background. PHOTO: Ben Birk

How many miles did you ride shotgun in Ian Post whip?

Like a million or so.

Who did you have your favorite session with?

Anytime I’m riding with Pat McCarthy is awesome. Dude knows his shit and is always stoked to ride and make sure everyone else is having a good time.

What was the hardest trick to land this year?

I’d say the hardest was the gap to up rail in Minnesota. It took a bunch of tries and I was battling with super cold temps and a crazy headwind. Rough times ha.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Pulling the winch back in part of modern day snowboarding. PHOTO: Ben Birk

How was the baker trip with 686?

Awesome as usual. That place is a gold mine. We seem to always get lucky with the snowfall too. Chilling in a cabin and riding amazing in bounds and backcountry with a sick crew is never a bad thing.

What was the easiest trick to land?

Well I wouldn’t call any of them easy, but I got a few of them faster than others.

How was it filming with Lucas Magoon?

Lucas is the man! He’s super motivated. He was always the first one up and ready to roll in the morning. He’s mad funny and always stoked on everything. There’s no one like him really. That’s my dude.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Boardslide redirect at a famous Minnesota spot. PHOTO: Ben Birk

What was the most sketchy spot?

I was probably the most shook while we were hitting that giant yellow rail off of a roof. It was definitely hard to bring myself to guinea that haha.

How many hearts did you break on tinder?

Hahahaha. None, I’m a nice guy.

Street, backcountry, or both and why?

You gotta have both. They’re both satisfying and fun in their own way. I just think it’s cool to have a good mix of everything and be a good all-around rider.

When did you want to give up this year?

That stupid up rail.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Put in work. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Why do you love snowboarding?

Because it forces you to push yourself, and it’s a nice release from everyday bullshit I guess.

Why do you live in slc?

It’s just a good scene. Lots of friends that share the same love for riding. But it’s cool year round too. Basically there are endless activities.

You just released a new album right? Tell us about it.

My boys from back home produce and rap all the time and whenever I’m home we make a few tracks. The group is called Beergoons. We’re working on getting it all finished.

Who would win in a rap battle. You,TK, or shawn farmer?

Definitely not me haha.

If you could snowboard anywhere, where would it be?

That’s hard to answer. But I’d say I feel the most comfortable riding at Brighton. It’s just where I’ve been riding all the time since I moved to Utah.

Cam Pierce, Ben Birk

Cam is here to stay. PHOTO: Ben Birk