BYND X MDLS Chilean Chillin’

Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström took a trip to Chile with high hopes of epic powder and fun times. But not every trip can be perfect. The weather was less then desired and the crew spent a lot of down days waiting around for bluebird skys. At least fun can be had off the board if you are creative enough. When the sun finally did shine the guys made quick use of their time and stacked up enough quality shots to make this edit.

Interview with Kevin Bäckström and Tor Lundström below. 


Who did you have the best session with on this trip?

Kevin Bäckström – Every session we had on this trip was kind of fun! We were so unlucky with the weather that we were just pumped to snowboard when it was good weather… We only had a few good days out of 3 weeks so when the sky was blue we all had a good time.

Tor Lundström – The best sessions was with Kevin [Bäckström] and DBK, it was only us three riding together all the time.

What was the hardest trick to land on trip?

Kevin Bäckström – We actually didn’t do that many tricks in Chile. We just rode pow and had fun! You kind of need that sometimes as well. We built some small jumps here and there though.

Tor Lundström – Chasing the chickens on the farm was the hardest trick.



When did you feel on top of the world during this trip?

Kevin Bäckström – Haha I kind of felt like on top of the world when we woke up to the blue skies. We stayed at our good friend Chino’s place and the view from his house was amazing! The sunsets were pretty insane…

Tor Lundström – After the first day that we got bluebird and filmed all day I took one last run down the zone myself.. that felt very good :)

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Kevin Bäckström -One night when I was wasted and walked all the way from El Colorado to Farellones because there were no taxis and the boys didn’t pick up their phones. That shit was heavy in the darkness walking down the mountain. I had no idea where we lived or anything, but I found my way home at the end. Im a certified mountain goat after that.

Tor Lundström – When we drove back and forth the country for so many days in a row to chase this storm that everybody said would come but never came. Then I was a bit over it cause the conditions were so bad. But then the last day of the trip we got another bluebird day and some new snow, so it was worth it.


Why do you love snowboarding?

Kevin Bäckström – Snowboarding is the shit.

Tor Lundström – Cause its really fun and i enjoy doing it. Simple as that :)

What’s next for you?

Kevin Bäckström – I’m in Stubai at the moment shredding the Stubai Zoo, they have the best park out there right now. It’s insane! The weather turned bad so I’m gonna go back to Sweden for a little bit and then we will see what goes down.

Tor Lundström – I have been riding Stubai in Austria for a bit now so I'm probably gona go home soon and chill a bit. Then next thing is to film episode 3 and do Air & Style in China.


Kevin Bäckström – Nike Snowboarding, Monster Energy, Grenade Gloves & Capita Snowboards.

Tor Lundström – Monster, Bataleon, Von Zipper and Switchback Bindings.

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