BYND x MDLS : Russia vs. America – Season 4 Ender

It's been a wild season for the BYND X MDLS dudes. They've been here, there and everywhere in-between shredding all along the way. In the last and final episode of season 4, the crew ventures to Sochi, Russia where they get after a slew adventures including bungee jumping at Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi and reckless bartying. Then they get down to business and session a perfectly sculpted jump, before hoping across the pond to America. Then rally up to Mammoth and wreak havoc on the whole mountain and drop hammers on the massive jumps. It was a damn good season, and the BYND x MDLS dudes did it right, watch it all now.

Photo: Dasha Novosa

Photo: Dasha Nosova

Filmer/Director: Markus Wetterberg

Executive Producer: Oscar Valentin

Location: Russia – Sochi / America – Mammoth Mountain  & Venice

Riders: Tor Lundstrom, Kevin Backström, Ulrik Badertscher, Sebbe de Buck, Yuki Kadono, Tomoki Wakita & Max Kruglov (Skate)

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