It’s only been one short week since the Rusty Toothbrush crew has touched down in Australia, and they’ve been immediately welcomed with open arms by the amazing crew at Hotham Alpine Resort. They’ve been given free reign over one of their abandoned snow busses. So one of the cat drivers even pushed together a landing, and things began to unfold pretty quickly. Over the course of two days they jibbed, jumped and blunted every corner of the bus, in what easily became one of the funniest and most productive sessions they’ve had to date. Keep an eye out for more to come as this is only the beginning of the madness about to go down at Mt. Hotham with the Rusty Toothbrush crew.

Riders: Alex Stewart, Jack Errichiello
Production: Rusty Toothbrush, Brad Smith, Francesco Zoppei
Location: Hotham Alpine Resort