They may be Bush League but there is nothing second-rate about the crew from Sugarbush. Since the First Inning, this team has been expertly hammering runs all season long. As winter came to an end in Vermont, the team forced the game into extra innings for one last at bat. Watch the Bush League take one more lap around the bases at Sugarbush.

“It may be the offseason, but Sugarbush Parks still has some ball left to play! Staffers Connor Gross and Tyler Watson lead off the Fourth Inning, and Jake Rose, Max Lyons, Devon Gulick and River Richer provided plenty of run support. Locals Char Zoeckler, Luke Haddock, Andrew Baker and Nate Haust showed up to play as well, with a clutch hit from pinch hitter Sean Genovese. Charlie Mayforth sent one out of the park, and Marcus Rand delivered the walk-off hit. The Fourth Inning gave us beautiful spring conditions up until closing day, and be on the lookout for the Bush League squad next season.” – Sugarbush Parks 

Bush League : Game 2- 4th Inning | TWSNOW