Bush League Returns for the Second Inning

From Bush League:

After battling Mother Nature all preseason, she finally came through for the second inning. When the fresh snow fell, the local pow(d)er hitters, John Murphy and Ralph Kucharek, wasted no time frothing around in the outfield. Charlie “Buckets” Mayforth has been breaking bats left and right, leaving him to step to the plate with the old school Oxygen. Andrew Baker gave the crowd reason to cheer as he rounds to third base, leaving a prime opportunity for scoring as our new coach, Nate Haust, cracks one out of the park with his lofty style. The second game of this series is progressing into a real crowd pleaser and we cannot wait to see what the team has in store for the third inning.

John Murphy, Charlie Mayforth, Ralph Kucharek, Drew Baker, Nate Haust

Paul Osborne

Bush League at Sugarbush : Game 2 - 2nd Inning | TWSNOW.com

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