Bush League: 5th Inning

Bush League: 5th Inning

Sugarbush has been blessed this season with a record snowfall, leaving lots of white gold around to sculpt an amazing park with. Sugarbush’s park is on point to say the least and the 5th inning, all of the riders are killing it and seeking dominance among the playing field.

Riders: Matt De Vito, Taylor Stout, Kayli Hendricks, Luke Haddock, Connor Gross, Danyale Patterson, Lily Calabrese, John Murphy, Nate Dugan, Kyle Kennedy, and Mike Skiba

Film/Edit: Paul Osborne

Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer

Presented By: 686, Candy Grind, Dragon Optics, Saga, The Catfish Chronicles, and Infinite Boardshop

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