Burton Presents: STREET

The second of a four-part video series Burton Presents [SNOWBOARDING] dropping this fall. Part two focuses on the street, and well Jeremy Jones, Mark Sollors, Zak Hale, and Ethan Deiss aren’t new to the streets, they’ve been earning their chops in the for a while now. Street snowboarding has changed drastically in the past few years, and this video is proof. Moves that were considered legit now wouldn’t even be done in a snowboard park, and the moves that these guys are doing, well years ago, they weren’t even imaginable. Just look at Zak Hale, dude does a human kickflip! Give it a watch, and drop by your local snowboard shop, or Burton.com to check out all the new gear these guys are riding.


Locations: Japan, Minnesota, and Canada

Edited by: Corey Koniniec, Gabe L’Heureux

Filmed by: Tim Manning, Corey Koniniec, Hotwing, Justin Eeles, Gabe L'Heureux

Jeremy Jones_Minn_Moran_1257_MARQ

Jeremy Jones PHOTO: Adam Moran

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Burton Presents Snowboarding

Stay Tuned for the next Burton Presents Edit dropping 10.11 and 10.25