Burton Presents : Kimmy Fasani : Full Part

Burton Presents showcases snowboarding through the eyes of Burton's team riders. This segment follows Kimmy Fasani as she gets back on her feet after a serious injury. A powder hound at heart, Kimmy's positive spirit and work ethic shows in her willingness to climb back from injury and return to the mountains. Join her as she progresses through recovery and back to ripping while stacking impressive footage from the Whistler backcountry to the epic pow of Japan.

Interview with Kimmy Fasani below.

PHOTO: Adam Moran

PHOTO: Adam Moran

Why do you love snowboarding? Snowboarding gives me a happiness that nothing else does. The sense of adventure, exploration, and being out in the mountains is humbling and fulfilling.

Who is Reese? Reese is my 6 year old, 3.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier.

What would you say to someone recovering from a crazy injury? Be patient, be positive, do your physical therapy, and never doubt that you can make a full recovery! The power of the mind can make anything possible. Surround yourself with people who believe you can come back from what ever you’re going through! 

What does progression mean to you?  Progression is a way of expressing myself,  pushing beyond my comfort zone, testing limits, and growing and learning as a person, athlete, and snowboarder.

PHOTO: Gabe L'Heureux

PHOTO: Gabe L’Heureux

What was the coolest thing you did last season? I spent a month in Japan and focused on just snowboarding for the love of snowboarding. Spending time in that culture is pretty special and then being able to rip deep powder for an extended period of time made it a pretty unique start to my season.

What was the hardest trick you did? I honestly wasn’t able to do many tricks last season because I had to take it easy on my knee. However, the hardest thing I did throughout the year was getting up the courage to start jumping in the park again. The first time I was allowed to ride a park jumps after my injury was in the middle of April at Mammoth Mountain. Amusement Park was the first time I felt like I was able to jump confidently again.  

What does your off-season regiment look like? I love being outside and really enjoy rock climbing, biking, hiking, and trail running. I am usually doing at least one of these activities everyday.


PHOTO: Adam Moran

After it’s all said and done, what do you hope your legacy in snowboarding speaks to? I hope to leave a positive impact on snowboarding by encouraging others to get out in the mountains to snowboard and explore. To live with passion and to follow your passion. I also want to continue to give back to and help the younger generations see the roots of why and how snowboarding can be a great way to learn from and appreciate nature.

Who is your favorite person to ride with? I love being able to ride with my husband, Chris Benchetler. He sees the mountains very creatively and his sense of adventure is what fuels my desire to spend more time in the mountains.

What do you have planned for this upcoming season? This season I am hoping to film a bit in California, back in British Columbia, and maybe spend some time in Europe. I’m just waiting to see what the snow does.

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PHOTO: Blotto

PHOTO: Blotto