Burton Presents : Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang : Full Part

When it comes to backcountry and street riding Jeremy Jones is in a league of his own. And fellow Burton team mate Mikkel Bang has been tearing up the backcountry and park for years. Check out their joint full part, and read our exclusive interview with Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang below.

About Burton Presents:

Burton Presents showcases snowboarding through the eyes of Burton's team riders. Last year Burton Snowboards did their Burton Presents series by taking you on an adventure in the Streets, Backcountry, Resort, and Women's snowboarding. This year they took its all-star team, paired them up all winter long, and filmed everything that went down. In this installment, check out Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang—two names that run deep in Burton's history and evoke thoughts of untouchable style. Mikkel brings absolute control and fundamental form to every feature in his path. His riding complements Jeremy Jones, whose creativity and authority in both the backcountry and the streets is permanently branded on modern snowboarding. Filmed on location in British Columbia, Italy, Switzerland, Minnesota, and Quebec.

Interview by Ben Birk.

Who did you have the best session with this year?

Jeremy – Gonna have to say the 'Castle’ in Montreal with Zach and Ethan and all the Montreal boys that killed it helping us out! We spent a couple days at that spot and one day inside while it was pouring rain. We had payed this homie to plow the road up for us with his backhoe so we could drive up and have all our gear, we payed him the second day to haul a bunch of buckets inside as well for us to move around and set up a few features. We hit up a few different options that the boys came up with over the couple days. My last trick in the part was down to the last minute with the light going and about to shut us down, the filmers had these LED panels that were giving a pretty cool look with the fog and rain. I had 1 more go before the plug was gonna get pulled and it worked out! We had such a good vibe and all the Montreal Homies were working so hard helping us out and keeping so much stoke in the air, for sure my favorite session!! For me It was what snowboarding in the streets is supposed to feel like, Homies, fun and clipping up! Thanks to all the crew that night!! What a rad session.

Mikkel – I had a really fun session this year with Mark Sollors. Our plan for the day did not work, so we ended up searching for more and found the best jump all season. Perfect conditions, cold snow in the landing, and sunny elsewhere! We had a three hour session with fun snowboarding.

BUrton Presents snowboarding video Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

Jeremy – Probably the Backside 50 creeper to Freefall on the overpass. The trick itself wasn't hard other than my highback lean adjuster kept hooking in a seam on the wall, but that free fall without much speed was heavy impact for sure. It didn't take me many tries but I had to give it all I had to stomp. The try before I stomped it, Ethans homie pulls up on the road which was parallel to my run in and tells me about how he just came from the doctor and his knee was exploded from a drop the day before, so that was awesome to have in my head while I'm holding onto the winch rope ready to drop.

Mikkel – The last jump in my part was the hardest this year. It was the first jump I hit in the backcountry after my two arm injurys. about 12 months… Built it but had to leave the jump that day because of shitty weather rollin in. Took us a week before the sun came out again. The sunny day I had a pulled groin. But ended up jumping anyway. It was a fun session with Mark Sollors.

Burton Presents snowboarding video Mikkel Bang

Mikkel Bang.

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

Jeremy – It’s hard for me not to just give Minnesota the best street snowboarding on earth award. I love that place! This past season it just kept resetting every coupla weeks and stayed cold and just kept producing spots, I went there 3 times this year and it always hooked us up with footage we never got shut down. We would cross paths with other crews, talk some crap mess around and move on. Such a good vibe! Good people and solid food options. I’m down! I love Minnesota.

Mikkel – My favorite trip this year was B.C. really enjoy being up there because of the snow and their mountains. Amazing people and good food.

Burton Presents snowboarding video Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones.

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

Jeremy – Being in BC and going deep on the sleds, crossing over some of those peaks to get to another, and ripping across the glaciers in fog so thick you can't see your sled ski's right in front of you. You see the most unreal scenery you could imagine. Nothing, not video not photo, seriously NOTHING gives that terrain its deserved credit and it makes you fell so small and so helpless, all at the same time you feel on top of the world and that nothing can touch you there. Its insane! The best ever!

Mikkel – End of season this year in Whistler. Just being out there, in the backcountry! Among good friends and peace.

Burton Presents snowboarding video Mikkel Bang

Mikkel Bang going HUGE!

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Jeremy – It was hard up in Canada this year. I spent about 4 weeks there and I only got out on the sled and in the mountains a handful of times. A lot of weather days and it’s hard not to let that kill your vibe. I never want to give up, so I wouldn’t say I got to that point I rode it out till the end. It helped to just go skate, even in the rain, skate the parking garage of the Hotel, etc… But it was tough for sure! Not a lot of productivity for me that’s for sure, my return was small as far as footage goes, but great times were still had and the memories I get to take with me, they’ll last forever.

Mikkel – Days when u work hard and get nothing back. Or conditions are bad. never wanted to give up, but sometimes it is hard. But bad days make the good days better.

Burton Presents snowboarding video Mikkel Bang

Mikkel Bang.

How many flights did you miss?

Jeremy – None. I don’t miss flights. Ive only missed 1 in 20 years. (the '1' being my fault) that is.

Mikkel – Two.

Burton Presents snowboarding video Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Why do you love snowboarding?

Jeremy – SO many reasons. In an attempt to keep it simple? I love snowboarding cause I can create, build, and execute some ideas that develop in my mind. The search to find the right obstacle to do the trick on and then wait for the right conditions then hope it all pans out when it’s close to working out. I love that pressure and that wonder weather or not it’ll happen. I love being with my homies and bouncing tricks off each other feeding off each other and progressing. I Love a powder turn!! Ive never spent a lot of time filming them in my career cause they are something just for me, I like to keep it that way. I have one in this edit though it kinda snuck through the cracks in a filler part of the edit. The turn is the best feeling ever!!

Mikkel – The feeling and how it makes me forget about things.

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