Buck 90 x UKC – “Itis” Full Movie

After somehow acquiring the keys to the legendary Rome Van, Buck 90 and UKC joined forces to travel across the US of A in order to film ‘Itis,’ their full movie project. Upon picking up the van, the first order of business was enlisting the help of some of the Sugarbush park staff in order to weld a rail onto the roof. You can kinda see where this is going, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

From the crew:

After winning the Rome Local Gnar contest and receiving the infamous van we decided to travel cross-country for 6 weeks filming in VT, ME, NY, OH, IL and CO. Here is our film from the 2014 season with riding from Jeff DeForge, Tom Semotuk, Ben Wachowiak, Jake Luczak, Shaun Murphy, Ian Keay, Timmy Sullivan, Steve Lauder, Greyson Clifford, Nate Cordero and friends.

Itis Full Movie

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