Buck 90 Reunites at Woodbury

For over 7 years, the Buck 90 crew has been terrorizing the streets and the parks of the East Coast. Many seasons ago, these guys got together to film what would become the early stages of their snowboarding careers. In 2013 the lives of the crew members changed drastically. Teaming up with the winners of Rome’s Local Gnar video contest, Buck 90 dropped Itis and landed on everybody’s radar. Since then the boys have been around the world competing and filming insane edits. As their careers seemingly take them in different directions, the guys always finds time to reunite as families often do over the holidays. The day after Christmas, the OG Buck 90 crew reunited at Woodbury for some rope tow laps just like the old days. Check out Steve Lauder, Jon O’Doherty , Steve Anderson , Jim Marino, Mike Fager, Scott Anderson in Buck 90 Reunites at Woodbury.

Buck 90 Reunites at Woodbury | TWSNOW.com

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