British Columbia – Bucket List Movie Full Segment

British Columbia Full Segment From the Bucket List Movie

Bjorn Leines called up buddies Tyler Nicholson and Chris Grenier and invited them to set up camp in the interior of BC for the fifth full segment from the Bucket List movie. After launching the RV out of SLC, they drove over 1,000 miles to BC, where they ended up with some weather that didn’t want to fully cooperate. Such is the nature of finding the best terrain, as it’s often a waiting game more than anything else. Down days lead to trying really hard to stay occupied, but when you’ve got a bunch of guns, snowmobiles, and a couple buddies, it’s not so bad. All in all, the boys scored a few really solid days and rode some insane terrain.

British Columbia - Bucket List Movie Full Segment |

About the Bucket List:

Everyone's got a few things they've always meant to do--maybe getting a first descent, hitting your first real pow day, or taking a lap with Gigi Rüf. The problem is too many of us either never get around to it or never have the chance.

Headed by Bjorn Leines, Bucket List is a five-part series about leaving the excuses behind and checking those shred missions off the list, dropping only on

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