Brandon Cocard Full Part from Absinthe Films’ new release Resonance

Brandon Cocard has been sitting quietly for quite some time. After a pretty hammer part in Capita's Defenders of Awesome, he joined the Absinthe crew. This is Cocard's full part from their new movie, Resonance. He's not sitting quiet anymore… Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for the Cale Zima guest appearance.

The new Absinthe Films movie “Resonance” is out now, download HERE ON ITUNES!

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Absinthe Films Brandon Cocard and Cale Zima Full Part video

The “Resonance” Rider Line Up:

Nicolas Müller
Scotty Lago
Brandon Cocard
Danny Kass
Cale Zima
Gigi Rüf
Mat Schaer
Manuel Diaz
Eric Jackson
Blair Habenicht
Sylvain Bourbousson
Pat Burgener
Wolfgang Nyvelt
Lucas Debari
Bode Merrill