Brain Farm’s Most Technically Advanced Drone Flight of All Time

World’s First Ultra High Definition, 4K Aerial Drone Footage

Brain Farm is blowing minds, yet again. They’ve reached the pinnacle of drone cinematography with the introduction the world’s first ultra high definition, 4k aerial drone footage. They took a $250,000 chance, and in doing so, surpassed what was previously possible in the world of aerial drone cinematography.

BRAIN FARM is always pushing the boundaries of digital cinema,” said Travis Rice of the company’s latest accomplishment.

Check their latest endeavors and read on for a full break down of this game changing event.

Words: Brain Farm

Brain Farm paired a Phantom Flex4K with an Aerigon UAV to shoot the world’s first Ultra High Definition, 4K aerial drone footage. The combination is a cinematic game changer.

What does 1000 frames per second at 4K resolution translate to? Stunningly high-quality slow motion footage. Until now the images captured by the Phantom Flex 4K have been limited by the camera’s weight. Simply put: It’s too heavy for most drones to carry.

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Brain Farm, the production company that raised the cinematography bar in action sports filmmaking with the landmark movies, That’s It, That’s All, The Art of Flight and the soon-to-be-released We Are Blood, partnered with drone manufacturer Intuitive Aerial to develop a cinema-focused UAV system capable of carrying the camera.

The result is what you see here: The world’s first aerial footage shot from a UAV with a Phantom Flex4k. The world of options this technological combination will open up is about to break the ceiling of possibility in digital cinematic storytelling.

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