Since 2013, Boyz ‘n Toyz has been lighting up the web with their adventurous video series. A collection of backyard rail sessions, massive park jumps, and deep powder lines has shown us that there's no terrain this trio cannot handle. As we have seen over the last couple years, Tom Klocker, Mario Wanger and Mario Kaeppeli have been spending a lot of time charting the backcountry of Austria and Switzerland. Earlier this year we saw outstanding full parts from Mario and Tom as well as Mario's documentary, Coming Home, where he describes how his addiction to snowboarding continues to drive him deeper into the mountains. In full force and in their third year filming, this web series has turned full feature with the release of the new teaser to Boyz ‘n Toyz, the full movie dropping fall of 2016.

Boyz 'N Toyz Movie Teaser | TWSNOW

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