Boston, MA – Bucket List Movie Full Segment

Boston, MA Full Segment from the Bucket List Movie

It’s not often there’s enough snow to take advantage of all the urban possibilities that Boston has to offer. Last season, though, the city got absolutely hammered with snow, so much so that it stayed around until July before it all fully melted away. True story. So the Bucket List crew quickly assembled a team from the midwest and west coast to make the journey to the land of Dunkin’ Donuts, the Celtics, and thick accents. The riders assembled for the trip? Jaeger Bailey, Benny Milam, Zander Blackmon, Johnny Lazz, Drew Poganski, and Krister Ralles. Watch the latest full segment from the Bucket List movie, right here on

Crewed Up. Boston, MA Full Segment : Bucket List Movie |

Lazz, Zander, Jager, Kyle, putting in work. Photo: Kyle Beckmann

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Everyone's got a few things they've always meant to do--maybe getting a first descent, hitting your first real pow day, or taking a lap with Gigi Rüf. The problem is too many of us either never get around to it or never have the chance.

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