Bode Merrill Full Part From ‘Heavy Mental’ By Absinthe Films

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Part two of Bode Merrill’s double song ender from the Heavy Mental movie by Absinthe Films


Words and interview below by Ben Birk.

Last year Bode Merrill‘s full part with Absinthe films was set to a wild electronic beat that pumped over gnarly tricks by the Santa Cruz native who now calls Utah home. This year Bode is back with even bigger more progressive tricks like one footing pyramid gap, a double Miller flip over a man-made field goal, and gaping up to a kink rail. And then there are the smaller tricks that are just as gnarly but might go unnoticed like the gap to down creeper with a chain link closeout, or the double boardslide with a narrow run out, and the nosebutter to frontflip off of a cornice. The only thing that was left out this year was the techno music. All of these ingredients combined to help Bode land a double song ender part in the Heavy Mental movie by Absinthe Films.

Who did you have the best session with this year?  
The most memorable session was when our crew linked up with Pat Moore and crew in Ogden. With everyone together we had a crew that was probably 15 people deep which is the best. All your buds joking around, having a good ol’ time and the set up goes so quick. But the productivity was huge too. Pat, Jake Welch, Austen Sweetin and myself all got shots on this flat rail to gap, Mike Rav got a sick line right next to us, and Scott Blum did this insane handplant across the street. This session definitely felt the most like being a kid again and filming shit with all your buddies and fucking around all day. The best.
What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?
The boneless to wall. It was something I’ve never really messed around with before and I bit off a little more than I could chew with the spot I chose. I almost gave up so many times but my good friends and amazing filmers wouldn’t let me quit. So two all nighters and 200 tries later I finally got it.. 
Tell us about that gap up onto the kink down.
It was the last day I was gonna film for real snow, Christmas day. I had been looking at hitting this old spot a different way for a while but wasn’t sure if it would actually be possible. I was happy with what I had filmed so far so I said fuck it, might as well see if it will work, and it kind of did. Every time I hit the wall it would send me a different way so It was a crap shoot at best. I just kept going until it might bounce me on top of the rail the right way. I did it once but wasn’t satisfied with how it looked from the front angle and decided to try it again but the shadow was creeping in and iced up the wall a little I think. I ended up going over the rail and riding down the stairs until i caught a support and flipped me back on my head. I had to get 10 staples in my scalp and spent the rest of the night in the hospital. The next day Pat sent me the back angle that scotty arnold shot and it was definitely usable so that made it all worth it. Thank you so much Pat, Scotty, Andy, Littlest, Vinny, Stark, and Spencer for helping out on that session. You guys are the shit!
Bode Merrill, Darcy Bacha, Absinthe Films
Sequence Darcy Bacha
Tell us about the Miller double flip session?
That was another high anxiety session… We set up that goal post at Eagle Pass in what looked like a perfect spot for that trick which I’ve been thinking about for years. I tried it a couple times and was really close but the fog rolled in and shut us down… I tracked out the landing and needed some fresh snow to hit it again but the weather was iffy about snow and temps so we waited for a week to see if it would reset which luckily it did. So we went back and it worked out.
Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?
Minnesota was a blast and so was Revelstoke. It’s a tie
When did you feel on top of the world this year?
At X Games. The Real Snow awards was the best feeling in the world
When did you feel like you wanted to give up? 
Lots of times… I feel like everyone does at some point. Luckily we have such good friends around us that are always there to balance you out and get you psyched again.
How many flights did you miss?
None. I drove everywhere.
Why do you love snowboarding?
It saved my life. If it wasn’t for snowboarding I don’t think I would have a purpose.
What’s next for Bode?
It’s top secret.

Catch the full movie at these fine establishments

October 02, 2014 : Nelson : Capitol Theatre

October 03, 2014 : Calgary : Globe Theatre

October 04, 2014 : Revelstoke : Roxy Theatre

October 13, 2014 : Bozeman : Emerson Cultural Center

October 15, 2014 : Burlington : Roxy Cinema

November 26, 2014 : Anchorage : Bear Tooth Theater

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