Bode Merrill full part from Dopamine

Bode Merrill full part from Absinthe Films new movie ‘Dopamine’

Bode is a beast, and here is his Full Part from this year’s Absinthe Films movie Dopamine, online right here for 48 hours only.

“Bode Merrill is way too big. Most of the people throughout history that have left such an indelible mark on snowboarding have had more in common with Napoleon than Magic Johnson. Let’s face it. The lower the center of gravity, and the less weight on the carcass been hucked, equals less impact upon impact. And with knees being as poorly designed as they are……well you get the picture. Fair to say that it’s highly unusual for someone who clocks in at 190+ pounds at a towering 6’3 to be the guy who has pushed snowboarding in both the urban and backcountry arenas as far as Bode has, let alone snowboarding with one hoof breathing deeply. Bode defies the laws of physics, gravity, and likeliness in this, his greatest cinematic accomplishment to date. We told him he deserved to have the ender. He decided Victor should have it. From a soundtrack standpoint I was massively relieved not to end the movie with this song. Enjoy.

-Justin Hostynek


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Photo Andy Wright

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