Last season, Cam Weeg introduced us all to his brainchild Board Over Brains. We saw a series of edits titled Paradise Island based on Mt. Hood, featuring an extremely lucky, or smart, crew of snowboarders that can snowboard year-round without having to travel anywhere. Paradise is what that is. Cam just dropped the season two premiere episode of Paradise Island, and the Timberline park is looking pristine. These are some real Mt Hood locals. So when you’re on their turf this summer, look out for these guys, you’ll probably seem them ripping everything in sight. Featuring Corey Caswell, Kai Polendey, Will Bickerstaff, Taylor Rydman, Jagger Heckman, Tanner Seymore, Jordan Phinney, and Casey Tratz. Filmed by Cam Weeg and Arlang George. Edited by Cam Weeg.

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