Full-length videos are hard to come by lately. The dopamine rush we receive from the instant upload and likes is hard to push away. What’s harder? Storing 45 minutes of street clips into one movie, and waiting until fall to release it. Props to Cameron Weeg and Board Over Brains. This one showcases a bunch of Oregon homies taking advantage of the rare and lasting snowfall they received last winter in Portland, the Colombia Gorge and surrounding zones. Enjoy!

Featuring Taylor Rydman, Kai Polendey, Casey Tratz, Tyler Verigan, Nick Dirks, Brendon Hupp, Andy Glader, Casey Mitchell, Ian Sullivan, Tanner Seymour, WIll Bickerstaff, Nicky McMillen, Kevin Cummings, Robert Solorio, Jeremy Nylund, Ty, Will, Coop, Jordan Phinney, Jagger Heckman, Cameron Weeg, Griffin Frigaard, Corey Caswell, and friends.

Filmed by Leif Draznin-French, Cameron Weeg, Alex St. Pierre, Drew Bickerstaff, and Arlan George.
Edited by Cameron Weeg.

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