Beyond Boarding’s Northern Grease teaser

Tamo Campos and the Beyond Boarding crew just sent us over the trailer for their latest project, Northern Grease. Here’s what Tamo had to say about it:

“Crazy trip so far. Just got out of the Headwaters. We were there for six weeks and kicked out a mining company that was planning on putting an open pit coal mine in the most incredible place I’ve ever seen. Stoked for the shred/movie tour this coming winter.”

Beyond Boarding has grounded its foundations in community development, social justice, and raising the awareness of high profile issues facing many communities today. Successful international work through the recent Peru Project has inspired Beyond Boarding members to take note of shifting corporate-environmental changes, which may threaten the livelihood of communities in British Columbia and create irreversible changes to the diverse natural environment, which makes up the West Coast of Canada.

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