Last may, the BMBW crew descended upon Timberline Oregon for the holiest of holy transition freestyle events, Snowboy Production's Holy Bowly. The Bowly terrain was once again out of this world and filled with endless lines of flowing freestyle fun and progression. Endless. The crew hunkered down at the High Cascade/ Windells skate village and used their infinite playground as the jumping off point for daily excursions to Mecca. Shred, eat, wax, skate, dream of tomorrows lines, and repeat. Sean Lucey and Tim Stanford documented the whole thing and Lucey put together this real-life vibe snapshot of the entire experience, while Tim Zimmerman held it down on the stills. Their video of the whole shebang stars Austen Sweetin, Phil Hansen, Tucker Andrews, Ted Borland, Forest Bailey, Cooper Whittier, Mans Hedberg, Zebbe Landmark, Jason Robinson, Alex Lopez, Jesse Burtner and more.

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