Time’s up – if you want to see Ben’s part, check it on iTunes!

Ben Ferguson might have made a huge mainstream splash this year with his Olympic halfpipe debut, but snowboarding has known about him for quite sometime. Absinthe picked him up last year to film a part for the ages, combining backyard backcountry riding with certifiably psychotic lines in Alaska, as well as a few pipe sessions, Ferguson is about as well-rounded of a snowboarder as you can be. Check out his full part, and then head over here to pick up the full movie, Absinthe TurboDojo, here! 

Absinthe's TurboDojo features Mikkel Bang, Nicolas Müller, Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard, Austen Sweetin, Brendan Gerard, Ben Ferguson, Max Buri, Severin VanDerMeer, Kimmy Fasani and more. If you haven't seen the full thing, check back soon for more parts dropping in the coming weeks!

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