Through a tip from an area businessman, Dan Brisse stumbled upon an industrial relic while filming on Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  It appeared to be straight out of a video game and its size left had the crew questioning whether or not it would be possible to set it up for snowboarding.

With help from local muscle (and some heavy machinery) they were able to break ground on Brisse's master plan. In the end, their greatest adversary was the weather.  As the crew's 2015 Real Snow deadline crept up on them, any attempt at airtime was grounded due to arctic winds blowing off Lake Superior.

In this short film, the crew documents the feature from start to finish, and gets inside Dan's head without distracting him too much from his riding process.  The wind and cold made certain parts of the recording process nearly impossible, but the spot and the story are so unique they felt it should be shared.

Film: Justin Hare, Dan Tyler, Josh Molitor

Words: Justin Hare

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