For most folks, excessive snow will put a halt on day to day plans, but for France’s Bangingbees, insufficient snow levels halted theirs. The plan was to have a top-to-bottom session in the Chamrousse Sunset Park, but a lack of snow led to a simpler focus on the bottom section. All in all, it was a great gathering of french crews, full of jibs and transition.

Featuring snowboarding from Pierre Scafidi, Matteo Cuny, Louis Labertrande, Nico Palladio, Arthur Ney, Bastien Sturma, Jake Simpson, Thomas Chassagne, Thibaut Pomorat, Paul Veron, Sully Monod, Basile Rameau, Antho Brotto, Niels Schack, Marveen Valdent, Clément Caspar, and Basile Rihn.

Filmed and edited by Guillaume Sturma

Additional filmers Théo Duparc and Julien Mounier

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