Bangarang Mega Post

Want to see a bunch of parts from the new Nowamean move, Bangarang? Well you’re in luck. Here are a handful. It’s not the full movie, but it’s pretty close.

1. Dillon Ojo

Dillon Ojo from Bangarang

This dude is legit. Keep your eye on Dillon Ojo

2. Phil Tardif and Nic Marcoux

Phil Tardif and Nic Marcoux from Bangarang

3. Jo Truchon

Jo Truchon from Bangarang

4. Jesmond Dubeau

Jesmond Dubeau from Bangarang

Jesmond got to ride pow and handrails. He’s the luckiest one out the whole bunch. Be on the look out for more Bangarang parts dropping on the regs.