Bald E-Gal Wednesdays: Yusaku Horii and Pals from E-GAL EYE

Last year Yusaku Horii manged to get himself a long way from home and ended up in Minnesota with the Bald E-Gal crew. Not a bad place to end up. Check out Yusaku and the friends section from Bald E-Gals new video, E-Gal Eye.

Also featuring: Tommy Young, Erik Zimmerman, Drew Poganski, Peter Limberg, Charlie Fenton, Nate Lavik, Ryan Barker

Produced by: Mike Thienes, Sam Fenton, Brian Dow

Edit: Sam Fenton  Motion Graphics: Brian Dow 

Videography: Sam Fenton, Mike Thienes, Riley Erickson, Sam Larson, Jake Breed, Daniel Tyler, Colin Droster, Jacob Durham

MUSIC | John Prine “Quiet Man”