Krister Ralles straight charging for his full part in the Bald E-Gal movie Hooks and Hammers

Not only did Krister Ralles take his high school football coach’s hot wife to prom but he is also one hell of a snowboarder. Check out his full part and interview.

Interview by Ben Birk.

Who was your favorite person to ride with this past winter? This year my favorite people to ride with were Bjorn Leines and Dan Breeze. We all like to hit the same kind of features and we work well together. The talent and knowledge of those two is amazing and it pushes me to go bigger.

What was the hardest trick to land in your full part? I think the hardest trick this year was my ender. The gap to down at Cascade park. That kink was really intimidating and every time I hit it I got worked pretty bad. Finally after beating the shit out of myself I road away from one. That rail is next level. I’m excited to see what goes down on it in the years to come.

Krister Ralles, Ben Birk, Bald E-Gal

The ‘High Bust Spots’ in Krister’s spot book. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Where did you go on your favorite trip? My favorite trip this year was definitely when the Celtek crew took me out in to the Utah backcountry. We camped for three days and built a bunch of jumps. The zone we were in was so cool. Unfortunately I blew my ankle out on the first jump we hit. It ended my season but I still had a blast watching everything go down. I can’t wait to get in the backcountry again this winter.

When did you feel like giving up? I felt like giving up the most at the gap to closeout ledge.It wasn’t going the way I had thought and I kept overshooting it to flat. A bunch of the Bald E-Gal crew was there and if it wasn’t for them I probably would have gone home feeling like less of a man. Thanks boys.

Krister Ralles, Ben Birk, Bald E-Gal

Frontside 50-50 transfer to boardslide. PHOTO: Ben Birk

How do you like living in Minnesota? Minnesota is amazing. I don’t think there is a fish I haven’t caught in the land of 10,000 lakes. Trollhaugen and the people who ride here are so cool. It’s so laid back and the street riding is some of the best in the USA.

Why do you love snowboarding? I love snowboarding because you can be having the worst day and turn it into the best day after strapping in. Nothing that is stressing you out in life matters when your strapped in. I think I like riding my snowboard more than women. Haha

Krister Ralles, Ben Birk, Bald E-Gal

Frontside 180 switch tailpress. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Why did your high school football coaches hate you? Well I took the head coaches wife to prom. So we didn’t really start off on the right foot hahaha. I think there might have been some snowboard stereotypes at hand there too. None of that mattered though I still got to bust plenty of heads.

What was it like doing the huge wall ride? It was crazy. I really got lucky. We put in a ton of work and right when I was going to give it a go a cop rolled into the parking lot. All the boys were on the roof and jumped down right in front of him. We all had safety vests on but I wasn’t sure if he bought it. After a few minutes he left. I still can’t figure out if he really thought we were a snow removal crew or just didn’t care. It worked out though I ran up there gave it a few go’s and road away from one before the sun went down. So fun.

Krister Ralles, Ben Birk, Bald E-Gal

Krister found this knife in the landing of the huge wallride feature right before hitting it. PHOTO: Ben Birk

How do you spend your summers? I like to spend as much time on the water fishing and exploring as possible. I haven’t been out to Mt. Hood in like 7 years because I try and work all summer so I can ride all winter.

Where are you right now? Hahaha right now I’m relaxing after a 15 hour day working on a oil rig in North Dakota. I’m working for a crane company taking down and putting up oil rigs. Being on a rig is really dangerous but cool as hell at the same time. It’s something new everyday and I get to clime and get dirty all day. It’s crazy out here definitely a different kind of safety meetings and hammer dropping. I’m hoping to buy a snowmobile for this winter but will see. Well I better get to bed I have to get up in 5 hours. One more day down. Winter is coming boys and girls.

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Krister Ralles, Ben Birk, Bald E-Gal

PHOTO: Ben Birk