Bald E-Gal : Hooks And Hammers : Drew Poganski Full Part

Bald E-Gal : Hooks And Hammers : Drew Poganski Full Part

Drew Poganski started filming with Bald E-Gal when he was only 16, when Michael Thienes and Mike Pettit saw potential in the young rider. Now 19 years old when this part was filmed, Drew has put out a few full parts with the crew and has progressed on his snowboard. His personally is one of the best around, always smiling and cracking jokes. You can’t have a bad day when you’re snowboarding with Drew.

Photos, words, and interview by Ben Birk

Who did you have the best session with this year?

I definitely had the best session of the year at the Celtek Jib Farm with all the Celtek and Bald E-Gal dudes. The weather was cold but we made the most of it by riding hard all day and when the sun went down, we made a fire, let loose a little bit, and even shredded a couple night features!  But all in all, good times were had all year long!

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

The hardest trick to land was probably that half-cab tail press on that chain rail. We had 4 riders, nice weather, and a low bust factor so I knew the session would be sick. But after a couple of the dudes got their shots I was just waiting for that “one time” but it didn’t feel like it was coming. After drinking some “shot juice” (aka Purple Propel) and a little motivation from the crew, I stomped one bolts… definitely got me stoked and we all ended up getting a shot so it was a good day!

Drew Poganski, Ben Birk

Tailgrab to Back Lip. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

I didn’t venture to far from home this year because of my ACL tore right before Spring, but my favorite trip was up to the “mountain” in MN just North of Duluth called Lutsen. It was like the second week in December and it dumped like 20+ inches over night so me and a couple dudes from my local shop bolted up their for two days of some MN pow! For Minnesota, it was epic conditions!

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

I felt on top of this world when I landed the back-side tail press on that long down flat down rail. I had wanted to hit that for a very long time and I had some other tricks in mind for it but when I got their I 50-50 it once and was like, I gotta tail press this thing! It was a battle but when you stomp a proper trick on a gnarly rail like that, there is no better feeling in the world!

Drew Poganski, Ben Birk

Backside 180. PHOTO: Ben Birk

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

I wanted to give up a few times this year… I took a lot of harsh bails and every one hurts man. Its hard to take a hard fall and get right back up and fully commit time and time again. There is a real perseverance in filming a street part and truly, nothing comes easy. At the end of the day, I have a really hard time walking away from a trick, so I try my hardest to get a trick at every spot I go to and help the homies do the same.. you definitely gotta earn those hammers!

How long have you been filming with Bald E-Gal?

I have been filming with Bald E-Gal since I was 16, so like 4 years! I have been a young gun since day 1 but all the dudes over their believed in me and they couldn’t have been more supportive! My first year I had like 3 cameos then a couple the next year and then the whole crew wanted me to film a full part and I pulled through. I was still in high school at the time so it was a grind! Michael Thienes and Mike Pettit are the bosses over there and they have guided me on a solid path and they continue to do so to this day! Mad Love for those two dudes!

Drew Poganski, Ben Birk

Now I know what a brick is. PHOTO: Ben Birk

Why do you love snowboarding?

I love snowboarding because it is a freedom in the most pure form! You can do whatever you want, how ever you want to do it. From riding in the park, to filming in the streets, just doing what you want to do and not giving a f*** about what other people think is true to the bone snowboarding for me. The feelings are another thing that keep me so connected to snowboarding. From stomping tricks, to bailing, and even just hanging out with the homies, everything I do on my snowboard is always so enjoyable day in and day out. As most riders, filmer and photographers, I don’t know where I would be without snowboarding.

What’s next for you?

This year I plan on filming a full part for a project that is run by a couple of the Bald E-Gal dudes and a few of the past riders as well as a couple new ones! I am working a ton right now but I will quit both my jobs by the first week in November and heading to Keystone for preseason to warm up then come back and ride Trollhaugen and see where the season takes me from there! Can’t wait to ride again!!!!


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Drew Poganski, Ben Birk

PHOTO: Ben Birk