Bald E-Gal Ground Control: Opening Montage

Bald E-Gal presents the opening montage from their newest release, Ground Control. Slam section starting off the movie, sick. Stay tuned for parts dropping weekly right here on, and support the cause get yourself a copy of their new movie on DVD right here.

Featuring: Shane Ruprecht, Krister Ralles, Dan Brisse, Randy Vannurden, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Drew Poganski, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Nate Lavik, Peter Limberg, Tj Antisdel, Jordan Michilot, Ryan Barker, and pals

Sponsors: Volcom, Union, The Youth Shelter Supply, The Interior Plain Project, Thirty Two, Signal, Remind, Neff, Nike, House of 1817, GoPro, DC, Crab Grab, Coal, Celtek, Capita, Burton

Executive Producer: Mike Thienes & Mike Pettit | Producer: Mike Thienes | Editor: Jake Durham | Cover Art: Pat Jensen | Principle Videography: Derek Combs, Sam Jorgensen, Dan Tyler | Motion Graphics: Brian Dow