Bald E-Gal : Hooks And Hammers : Full Movie : Opening Montage

This year Bald E-Gal Productions coordinated the top Midwest amateur snowboarders and videographers to create their 14th full movie, Hooks And Hammers. Some of the names you might not know yet but after seeing the standout riding from Drew Poganski, Shane Ruprecht, and Krister Ralles you won't forget them. Former contributors Jake Olson- Elm, Joe Sexton, and Sam Fenton went on some fishing trips to create an original, outdoorsy opener, too. Make sure to check this one out because Bald E-Gal told us that this is their last low-budget movie and their best one yet.

LOCATIONS: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Utah

RIDERS: Shane Ruprecht, Daniel Spooner, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Ty Murphy, Drew Poganski, Krister Ralles

FILMERS: Derek Combs, Dan Tyler, Mike Thienes

Bald E-Gal is releasing a new part of their movie Hooks And Hammers every Saturday exclusive at Next week is Shane Ruprecht’s full part. 

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