Ayumu Hirano Winning Run Snowboard Superpipe | X Games Olso 2016

Watch the Top 3 Runs from X Games Oslo 2016

Add another one to the list for Ayumu Hirano. The 17-year-old just won gold in superpipe finals at X Games Olso in Norway. Hirano was boosting higher than anyone else in the field and flawlessly stomped the only cab double 1440 of the night on his first hit, which helped him secure the win with his second run. Watch his winning run above and check out the second and third place runs below.

X Games Oslo 2016 

1.Gold Ayumu Hirano

2. Silver – Iouri Podladtchikov

3. Bronze – Chase Josey

We'll have a full recap dropping from X Games Olso soon, but for now, feast your eyes on these winning runs.

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