Austin Young had a heck of a season filming with Nothing to Prove and we’re stoked to bring you his full part from Search Engine. Check it out above and read on for an interview about how Austin’s season went down.

Austin Young Interview by: Mike Thienes/ Bald E Gal Productions

When I got first involved with filming you and Krister Ralles this season, you recently had your first child, Forrest, and had just gone through testicular cancer surgery.  Why the hell did you choose to still commit to a project like this with all that on your plate and very little sponsorship support?

That’s what makes it what it is. Real. Life is real. I think a lot of peoples don’t see that. I didn’t have much growing up and was in trouble left and right. Jail. Rehabs. Court dates on so many hands. I lost my crew in a way to the industry and found myself filmer-less. I had struggles. Then Kritter [Krister Ralles] came through big time with his bro [Erik Ralles].

Before this project started, you and your longtime friend, Krister Ralles, were going to make a video segment on with Erik Ralles. What made you want to make your own project?

We love working with each other. Nothing is better than being able to do what you want, when ever you want, with your best friend. We struggle with no sponsor money, but who doesn't? Just do what you want. Be happy. Love what you do.

I knew filming everyday would be an impossible task, so I had you guys commit eight weeks filming every Thursday to Sunday chasing snow across the Midwest. Was that a cool approach or more of a struggle to feel comfortable on your board?

For the first time ever, I felt I needed more Trollhaugen time in my life. I moved two hours away with my family for work and filming was my main priority. So I focused on that as much as possible. Although being able to have the spots and snow in my hometown made “my” season a hell of a lot easier. Shit, who am I kidding. It made Erika’s [his wife] life better. She’s my queen.

You seem to battle yourself all day long.  That dedication is what made me want to shoot with you.  What goes on in your head when battling the trick you want to get?

No human soul wants to know what goes on in my head. It's a disaster in there. For real though. If I haven’t handled the spot quickly, it's a battle for me to get my shot. First, I go in mellow. I am laughing, think I am riding Troll, having the best time ever. Then boom. I snap. Things get destroyed. Things ALWAYS get destroyed. Even if I have landed one that's good. I want better. I don’t like settling. I am very picky but over all, I just love doing it.

What was your worst low moment from this past season?

Not being able to ride Troll more. There's a true addiction to that place. Bleed Troll blood.

What were your biggest highlights this past season filming this project?

Knowing that my season was starting off with homies Krister and Erik Ralles from back in the day. That's fucking dope. Knowing we had what we wanted. That's fucking dope. Having Mike Thienes commit to something that was going to cost us a lot of money and time as usual. Thank you Cuz. Wish I could repay that favor. Knowing I almost broke my neck a few times.  A few other close encounters. I don’t mind the pain a little. Keeps me thinking young. Caught some fish. Spending stinky time in the same vehicle and rooms as you guys. I'll do it again. But best trip was probably Lake X. Tranny went out on the way home though. But still was the best OI think. Sorry Kritter.

Stay tuned for Krister Ralles part dropping soon!

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