For whatever the reason, Austin Smith decided to deliver this part from 2015 fashionably late; But just like the title says, better late than never. With a rascally crew of unpredictable snowboarders, Austin and company journey into the European backcountry and straight up slay it. Their backcountry commonality to hike it, point it, and style it will never get old. In an all-encompassing video, Austin nails the perfect combo of reckless impracticality and determination. Filled with the usual onslaught of hammers, these true men of style float through blue skies, snake through passageways, and stomp unruly tricks.

Other boarders: Iikka Backstom, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Blake Paul, Shayne Pospisil, DBK, and Levi Luggen. Media dudes: Liam Gallagher, Trent Ludwig, Tanner Pendelton, Jess Gibson, Jake Price, Hilton and Knut Eliassen.

Austin Smith Better Late Than Never | TWSNOW