Austen Sweetin Full Part From Heavy Mental by Absinthe Films

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Austen Sweetin Full Part From Heavy Mental by Absinthe Films

Austen Sweetin’s full part is a throw back to the good old days of snowboarding. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that his part is old news or that is style and trick selection is old, because it’s not. But rather I’m stating that Austen’s part does something that many of todays single discipline riders can’t achieve. Sweetin worked hard enough and stayed healthy enough to film a five minute full part that features both backcountry and street riding. And on top of that he even recored the song used in the second half of his part, late at night and buzzed off drinks from a local cantina. Austen Sweetin is one very multi talented snowboarders.

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Interview with Austen Sweetin below. 

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PHOTO: Andy Wright

Who did you have the best session with this year?

This year I got the chance to go to Revelstoke in Canada to do a mixture of Heli and Snowmobile backcountry riding.  We spent over a month there filming and riding powder the whole time with different people coming and going, so it was always awesome to have a diverse group of friends to board with.  But the best session was the first day, Bode (Merril), Justin (Hostynek) and I were the first ones there so our first day out we did a heli day with no cameras.  I can easily say it was some of the best riding ever!  I have Heli'ed for two years now and that was the first time I got to just snowboard, It was so fun riding hip deep pow with them white rooming the whole way down.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

Backside 540 on a road Gap, It ended up not being in my part because I wheeled the landing, I tried it on two different sessions, but I was determined to land it on the 420, which was hard because that board doesn't have a tail and the landing was waist deep.  I still am determined to land it, haha.

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

Wyoming, We spent a good amount of time in Jackson and it didn't stop snowing the whole time we were there.  The avalanche conditions were very high so we were limited on where we could go, but riding pow everyday in a snowstorm is one of the best things.  We hit a lot of poppy jumps which I liked a lot and got to spend time with Romain De Marchi which was cool.  Watching him frontside 360 lean the road gap was legendary.

PHOTO: Andrew Miller

PHOTO: Andrew Miller

How big was the opening jump in your part and  what was it like to hit?

That jump was big enough, we never measured it so I don't know exactly how big it actually is but I have never gone that fast or felt that feeling of complete stillness until that moment.  Bode and I were the only ones to hit it and we agreed on a speed and a place to drop in.  Bode lost ro-sham-bo so he had to go first, but there was no form of communication except for Justin clicking his feet out of the side of the helicopter so when I watched bode send it into the abyss I had no idea what happened.  If he went to big, small, or just right.  I was just standing at the drop in punching my thighs as hard as I could waiting for Justin to click his feet out of the side of the heli and once he did I dropped in and blacked out.

Was it the biggest jump you have ever hit?

I think it was the biggest I've hit.

Your street part song is kick ass. When did you record it?

At the end of the season we headed to whistler to get some last minute shots for the movie but the weather was not cooperating and was raining and weathering everyday so we had a lot of down time.  We had a little jam band in the hotel with Shane (Charlebois) and Brandon (Cocard) so I thought it would be cool to buy a cheap keyboard from Walmart.  We recorded that song around two or three in the morning after the bar, I think we were joking about making a club hit and that was my attempt.

PHOTO: Andy Wright

PHOTO: Andy Wright

What was up with that short-fat board you were riding in the backcountry?

That is the best board I've ever ridden in pow!!  It's the Yes 420 and it’s a 148 with the surface area of a 163.  Its super wide and fat so you plow through everything and feels like your riding a surfboard.  When you strap into it your riding changes into a surfy dream.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

I don't think I had a moment I wanted to give up, I never want to give up at anything snowboard related.  But my first spot I hit this winter I tomahawked stairs a few times and I felt like I was in a lot of pain haha.

How many flights did you miss?

Luckily I missed zero flights this year.

Why do you love snowboarding?

I love snowboarding for its freedom and feeling of gratification it gives you.  The whole experience to going to the mountain, going in to the backcountry, or boarding through the streets like your skateboarding.  The people you meet and places you go.  It's something I've done my whole life and no matter what happens I will snowboard until I can't anymore.

PHOTO: Andrew Miller

PHOTO: Andrew Miller

What’s next for you?

Going boarding!  The season is just starting so I'm just cruising getting the legs warmed up and then probably headed on a rail trip somewhere with Brandon and Cale for the new Absinthe video.


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