Au, Austria – Bucket List Movie Full Segment

Au, Austria Full Segment From the Bucket List Movie

All it takes is a quick trip to Munich, or for some, a mellow drive through France and Italy to get to Austria. In the fourth full segment from the Bucket List movie, the crew made up of Gabor Abonyi, Bjorn Leines, Gigi Ruf, Thomas Delfino, make tracks to the Rome Lodge, located right near Gigi’s home town of Au. The Lodge is a little slice of paradise filled with cheese, meats, beards, and all the gear you’d ever need to access the insane terrain right outside the front door. Oh – and schnapps. Lots of schnapps. The terrain was not lacking, and clearly neither were the conditions, since finding pow right off the chairlift was first on the list and quickly checked off. See what else went down in the full segment from the Bucket List right here, only on

Au, Austria Full Segment From the Bucket List Movie |

The crew. Photo: Darcy Bacha

About the Bucket List:

Everyone's got a few things they've always meant to do—maybe getting a first descent, hitting your first real pow day, or taking a lap with Gigi Rüf. The problem is too many of us either never get around to it or never have the chance.

Headed by Bjorn Leines, Bucket List is a five-part series about leaving the excuses behind and checking those shred missions off the list, dropping only on

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