At Home with Jérôme: A Day with the Creator of ‘The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding’

Jérôme Tanon has been photographing snowboarding for a decade. Spreads, singles, and covers, the striking aesthetic of Jérôme’s work has been printed in every major mag, and he’s one of the preferred photographers of many a professional rider. This past fall, Jérôme made waves in board world and beyond with The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding, a film that encapsulates both the triviality and allure of what we do as snowboarders.

The 46-minute masterpiece won Riders’ Poll Standout Performance of the Year and as of February 2017 has over half a million views on YouTube. But still imagery, especially that captured on film, is still Jérôme’s specialty, and TransWorld SNOWboarding‘s movie director, Theo Muse, filmed this short with Jérôme at his house in Annecy, France, as he demonstrates parts of his process and explains what motivates him to do what he does so well.

Watch Jérôme’s masterpiece here.