Enni Rukajärvi is from the village of Rukajärvi situated in Ruka, Lapland. Winter is the longest and darkest season in Finland and the temperature can range anywhere from +5 to -30° degrees. In these harsh weather conditions, nature is incredible and the light is amazing. Finland doesn’t have big mountains, just big hills with beautiful landscape. This is one of the reasons why they do not have great alpine downhill skiers but make it up with their brilliant freestyle snowboarders! Early morning is the best time to ride the park. When the flat light hits the hills the park is pretty empty till the light gets dark again. It takes around 5 minutes per run so you get a lot runs per day.

The light lasts only for a few hours in the middle winter. The perfect way to take out the most of the light is having your own snowmobile which takes you up the hill. At the moment Enni loves the north and doesn’t have any desire to move to a big city. At Ruka ski resort there are plenty of places to chill out, relax and get energy before and after some runs on a cold winter’s day.

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