On April 15, 2012 Arbor Snowboard’s FACE/OFF event was held at Boreal Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe. Some of the riders included the defending champ from last year’s FACE/OFF event, Erik Leon, along with Ben Ross, Kai Wiggens, Colton Morgan, Alex Hereford, Jeremy (Lemi) Landy and Jordan Welter. The battle for first place was between Kai Wiggens and Colton Morgan. It came down to a backside 270 to fakie, which was finally landed by Colton Morgan. He took top honors and 600 dollars.

The order of tricks in the final game of S.N.O.W went down like this: Frontside lipslide, nollie back lip, switch frontside boardslide, switch backside boardslide, frontside 270, hardway backside 270, switch backside 270, switch frontside nosepress, and the winning trick, backside 270 to fakie.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the event fun, and thanks to the event sponsors that made it possible: Arbor, Red Bull, Boreal Mountain Resort, Electric Visual, Flux Bindings, Sessions, Aerial7, Sand Box Helmets, Arnette and Elm Company.
1. Colton Morgan ($600)
2. Kai Wiggens ($300)
3. Jeremy (Lemi) Landy ($100)
4. Erik Leon
1. Kate Barrett
The judges included: Sean Black, Nick Visconti, Scotty Vine, Sammy Spiteri, Brandon Hammid and Eli Weiner.