Apres: Wildcats Never Die Bonus Section

Sorry – time’s up! Grab a copy on iTunes to see the full movie.

The Wildcats are back with even more unseen and re-cut footage, this time from the DVD bonus section from Wildcats Never Die. Give it a watch before it expires in 24 hours, or forever regret it. That, or pick up a copy and have it forever.

Wildcats Never Die is available on iTunes now

About the Wildcats:

Snowboarding for the sheer fun of it. Camaraderie. Friendship. Bordering-on-insanity partying antics that would put James Brown to shame. The notorious Whistler-rooted snowboard crew, The Wildcats, are back and better than ever with their first film in a decade, Wildcats Never Die. Shot over two seasons, this installment of the OG Wildcats crew has a balance of brand-spanking-new banger action with a healthy dose of nostalgia, taking us back to the legacy they've built since 1999. Get ready for some unforgettable and never-seen-before footage and interviews, showcasing the Wildcats present day skills on and off the hill and in famed snowboarding locales: B.C., Japan, and Chile. But be forewarned here: If you're expecting to see your regular run-of-the-mill X Games footage with unattainable and unrealistic, spin-to-win snowboard tricks—you won't find it here. The Wildcats are straight-up legit; they have always embodied and lived the essence of what snowboarding is all about and will continue for many years to come. Their motto: keep it real, keep it easy, and most importantly—keep it fun. Future Wildcats of the world—this one's for you. Enjoy.