Antti Autti and crew spent two summers filming in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, while shooting Approach & Attack. In this edit, Antti and Will Jackways, give insight to shredding the NZ backcountry and slash their way down long lines and hit a selection of natural kickers.


Antti was stoked on the NZ scene and can't wait to get back to shred in the Southern Hemi.

“To celebrate a promising start to winter, our crew decided to release the New Zealand section from the movie Approach & Attack,” said Antti. This is one of my favorite parts in the film. Riding with Will Jackways is always a pleasure. I can’t wait go back to Kiwi-land and  hopefully get to ride more stuff like this!”

Check out the edit above and watch more snowboard films here.

Location: Southern Alps, New Zealand
Snowboarding by: Antti Autti , Will Jackways
Filmed by: Teemu Lahtinen
Edited by: Teemu Lahtinen

Music: Wolf People – One By One From Dorney Reach

Album: Steeple


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