Anto Chamberland 2017 Season Edit: Raw and Uncut

PHOTOS: Andy Wright

If there is one thing we know for certain in this world, it is that Anto Chamberland is a boss. A boss that can snowboard. The DC phenom that has worked with The Brothers Factory, The Manboys,and seemingly everyone in the game has had one hell of a season, and that is not even talking about his off season as a fire fighter. The Québécois work horse took home a silver for his X Games Real Snow part this year, had an insane part in STRONGER--the movie of the year from Union--and has now released his uncut footage from a season in the streets. Snowboarding should give him a huge thanks for his contributions so far in 2017.


Letting his riding do the talking might be a played out cliche, but after watching the raw clips of Anto there is not much else to say. He is a quite assassin in the streets that is only heard when working on or sliding down a rail with precise style. We are going to choose once again to let his riding do the talking and stop writing about it now. Enjoy.

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